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Vintage Allure
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Part Three of The B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge! The Final Jewelry Line Reveal!

Welcome to theAmazing  B'sue Boutiques "Build A Line Challenge" Part Three! 

Omg we made it, this is it, hip, hip horray we made it!! Welcome deeply to our final class presentation of our B'sue Boutiques "Build A Line Challenge." I am Louise O'Shields the owner and the designer of  Desire Divine Jewels. This is the beginning of my new jewelry line, five pieces of jewelry presented for the B'sue Boutique Challenge!

The Renaissance Collection

Alright, alright let the reveal begin. My jewelry design theme is humbly based upon the glorious era of the "Harlem Renaissance". This was a time period in American history when African Americans diligently created a transition in their way of thinking about racial segregation, by which they traveled from the South to the North seeking educational growth, equality and self-actualization as they settled in this magical place called "Harlem" located in New York City.

We Made it!
My Amazing Big Brother Carl, My Awesome Mother Louise
and My Phenomenal Father Mr.Bobby. Oh yes that's me in my favorite dress.

Pulling it all together for the "Build A Line Challenge!
The Beaded Applique' belonged to my mother
and that's how my entire Build A line Challenge began!

My parents, relatives and the elders of my community lived the "Harlem Renaissance" experience and I still have elders alive to date who can tell you great stories about dancing at the Savoy and the Cotton Club, but more than that I have been gifted with the legacy of honoring all of the great literary greatness, artistic ingenuity and revolutionary thinking of many races of people who came together in Harlem to give rise to creating voices, and  pathways of hope for all of human kind through music, literature and the arts.
All Findings in this Brooch are from
Filigree Brooch "Always Classy" from the "Renaissance Collection"  is composed of 
Ornate Brass design with a filigree base, Rose Ox Flower and a Flat Back White Pearl.
 All findings are part of my goodies gift bag for shopping at B'sue Boutiques!

Growing up Harlem means that you are always rich with community, dignity and pride. You were always inspired to do your very best at whatever venture that you set out to do, with compassion and humility for all. 
Me in my party dress oh yeah, My loving Mom and my awesome nephew. What an amazing life!!

So with that said I truly thank my instructor Ms. Brenda Lansdowne, her B'Sue Boutiques team and my amazing classmates for the opportunity to learn unlimited information about the best practices in creating and sustaining a successful jewelry business line. The concept which intrigued me the most during our master class is the ability to develop the skill set to create a  jewelry line that supports and ignites excitement for the current fashion trend, while also meeting the needs of many by setting a variety of price ranges that will appeal to a wide range of customers expanding your business into greatness and more.

Wow this is what I won from B'sue Boutiques! I received all of these goodies from B'sue Boutiques for posting photos of my jewelry work table on Pinterest. See if you can locate some of the components in my design!
As part of my "Harlem Renaissance" era design choices for this challenge I have decided to showcase the African Women cameo, because it is often so rare that you will ever find a African/African American cameo available in the fashion or jewelry market, yet I want to pay homage to all of the "Change Agents" of the world as we all link together to make the world a better place!
"Always A Lady" Necklace Collection Cameo Mounts, Chains, Double Layered Filigree and Bohemian Lady Cameo on your right are from: 

It is because of  the B'sue  Boutiques creative community that I have the humble honor to present to you my version of classic vintage jewelry design entitled " The Renaissance Collection."  This collection comes purely from the eyes of a little girl growing up "Harlem" representing the history of a group of people who dared to dream vibrant and alive.  I pray that I have represented my elders in the best manner in all that I say, create and design.

Earring Findings, Caged Beads, Bracelet Mount, Brass Roses, Flat back Pearls and Filigree all from

"The Empire Bracelet Cuff"
Desire Divine Jewels 
Cuff Bracelet: This amazing filigree design cuff is encased in detailed caged wire wrapping done by me with yummy rhinestones on the cuff and cameo to accent that Harlem flare!!!! This amazing cuff base, Cameo Mount and all Filigree components are from:

The Empire Bracelet side view!

The Filigree Cuff base is just classic grace and style. 
The Fillgree base is from:

"Always A Lady" Pearl Earrings. 
All findings are from

You can always jazz up your Desire Divine 
Jewels Set with any combination of Divine Jewels!
"Always A Lady" Filigree Brooch! 
The filigree findings are wire caged to support the flower pedals and the cameo.
All filigree findings are from:

Come along and join my classmates as we reveal our new jewelry lines!

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