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Vintage Allure
Blackamoor Hardstone Diamond Cameo

Friday, February 20, 2015


Part Two at B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge!

Filigree Divine: Filigree, Charms, Book Chain, Rosary Chain,
Gold Connectors, Rollo chain all come from the amazing
 B'Sue Boutiques

This necklace bib is what I have been working on as the inspiration for my Harlem Renaissance inspired jewelry line!!! Ohh and you know I just could not resist all of the filigree essence that just calls my name from my ultimate filigree kingdom at:
I designed this necklace bib as it reminded me of the regal elegance that  I would often see in the Harlem ladies as they prepared to go to social events with their spectacular hats, dress fashion outfits and of course their audacious jewels!!!!!!  
"Always A Lady" Cameo

For this challenge I was just honored and thrilled to hand stitch the book chain, vintage pearl necklace and rosary chain around the applique while also including the filigree findings and cowrie shells too! 

The applique in this necklace bib belonged to my mom and it has sat in a box for 19 years, until just a few weeks ago when I thought it would  be a great idea to see if I could use moms amazing dress applique in my new design and I am thrilled that I did.

African American Women Cameo's are Accented with B'Sue Boutiques Earring Findings, Cameo Mount, Cameo Bezel and the "Bling" out on the cameo's has been done by me!!!!

So here it is my first jewelry pieces in my new jewelry line! I must say that enhancing my mothers applique for this adventure has truly been the design joy in my world for this weeks challenge, but let me tell you about what I have been thinking about. 

First since I  began this awesome "Build A Line Challenge" I now wake up everyday wanting to know something new about design, jewelry making techniques and the opportunities for more. 

In my research of the Harlem Renaissance I decided to look up the word renaissance just to reaffirm for myself  the essential meaning of this eloquent word  "Renaissance" and  you know what, I re-discovered that Renaissance is a perfect word that can be used to celebrate the concept of new growth, new birth or new interest in something especially art, literature or music. 

It was at this moment of discovery that I decided that I would name my jewelry line "The Renaissance Collection." 
This new collection will truly expand my creative process in the way that I see and appreciate the gifts of  new growth in myself and in others!! 
Wow my very first jewelry line pieces!!

This  is what I love most about this challenge! I love the fact that  you are invited to push forward and expand yourself to be and see more, plus you get to live for the thrill of jewelry everyday, I mean what a life!!  So thank you so much everyone for so much of your support and please remember to come to our next blog hop on March 20th where you will get to see our entire new jewelry line and you also get to see how we  have all expanded some more!!!!
Please checkout my classmates during our hop!!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge Progress Update!

Filigree delight, Vintage inspired book chain and a beautiful divine heart component from for my new jewelry line!

B'sue Boutiques

Build A Line Challenge

Pulling It All Together.. Yikes!

Alright, alright the challenge is on and here is where imagination meets creation. Right after the first blog hop I had to leap right into action in order to embark on my big adventure. The very first requirement that I had to assign to myself  was to detox from all of the beautiful creations that I saw and loved on Pinterest and get to moving forward in creating my own jewelry line with the ideas that I have had dancing around in my own mind for a very long time and great yippee I'm so very glad that I did! 

Oh yes, my jewelry designer journey quest is in high gear right now! I have created several versions of styles for my earring line, and I just maybe have about 20 pictures (or more) of the vintage necklace that I am working on, however I'm so excited that I want to do it all, right now and that is where the "Yikes" enters the equation. 

This is apart of my recent order haul including gifts from

 I  had to settle my inner excitement bunny down and take one step at a time in creating and pulling together the pieces for my jewelry line, while learning more about how to design a cohesive jewelry line. Wooo weee yes, I have settled down now and I am having a ball. 

One of the main goals that I have while on this adventure is to learn how to utilize the time honored skills of creating and maintaining a viable jewelry business line.

 Yes I still remain 100% committed to re-igniting the inspired jewels of the "Harlem Renaissance" era for this challenge, however my mom always said "There is always something new that you can learn under the sun."

So with the wise words of my mother, I am expanding my ability to design quality vintage inspired jewelry at affordable and great repeat customer referral prices.

Plus I'm still having a blast using some of my all time favorite vintage stampings and findings from my filigree honey hole at B'sue Boutques. So please Make sure that you come to our next blog hop this Friday February 20th, to join us all as we venture out to showcase the beginning of our new jewelry lines. I can't wait to see you there!!

Warm Regards,