Vintage Allure

Vintage Allure
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Build A Line Challenge From B'sue Boutiques Louise O'Shields of Desire Divine Jewels Part One!

 Build A Line Challenge

Spectra Beads From
Hi I am Louise O'Shields of Desire Divine Jewels and I am thrilled to be apart of this challenge, but I have to share a secret with you shhhhh listen.............
Omg I have discovered the honey hole of vintage filigree brass stampings at Ms. Brenda Lansdowne creative store space B'sue Boutiques. 

OK hold me back while I fan myself and I catch my breath, because I LOVE filigree, OK I'm alright now. I'm back. 

Since I was a little girl growing up in Harlem, New York I was always in awe, of the radiant and unlimited glittered jewelry that lived in my mothers jewel haven called "The Top Dresser Draw." 

I was also utterly amazed with all of the fashion forward jewelry and accessories women and men would adorn themselves with for both casual and formal occasions, yet for some reason the filigree components with all of the intriguing design and regal elegance always captured my hearts eye. 

I am committed to the craft of handmade jewelry as it is an expression of compassion and love. I light up when I see someones self value blossom because they feel delighted that they have treated themselves to something that makes them feel good both inside and out, and that is truly my primary pleasure.

So here I am participating in this amazing "Build A Line Challenge" on a fun filled adventure for three months to learn how to enhance my abilities in creating a jewelry line allured with vintage flare, embracing the classic foundation of the "Harlem Renaissance" era with a tribal twist of fun. I am humbly honored to challenge myself to recreate the classic elegance of a outstanding generation full of pride and promise for more.

Here are some of the Satin Matte Intricate Leafy Center Piece stampings and cameo mount elegance that I will use in my design. 
All connectors and cameo mount are from

Cameo Mount and Connector From

Thank you so much for joining in on the fun and most of all thank you for your support as I learn and grow! Below you will find a list of my phenomenal classmates who are extraordinary artist please follow them for this blog hop and come to the next two hops on February 20th and March 20th for the final reveal of our collective jewelry lines. Warm Regards Louise.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Learn From The Best!!!!

Learn From the Best

Oh yes Ms. Brenda can always show you how it is done at 
B'sue Boutiques check her out on You
and at:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bring Back The Brooch!!!

Brooch By: Ms. Brenda Sue Lansdowne 
of B'sue Boutiques the phenomenal jewelry supply store featuring 
the best American-made brass stampings and more!

Wooo Hooo everyone I made it! I have been accepted into the amazing B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge. I am honored to be with a group of compassionate artist who are passionate about their art and are tenacious about having fun too! Alright!! Come on and follow us in this great adventure as we grow forward to enhance our amazing jewelry lines. We will have a few blog hops that will be party central for jewelry lovers. I hope to see you with your party hats on for our first blog hop. The first hop is one week from today, January 23, 2015!   BE SURE TO JOIN US! Warm love and so much inspiration ~Louise.

Always A Lady Brooch
Desire Divine jewels!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Adventure of A Life Time

Oh My Goodness!

I am Louise O'Shields a 100% dreamer daring to become an awesome jewelry artist, but for right now I am an awesome cheerleader in the B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group and I am having a ball! 

Today I am going to start an adventure to learn all that I can learn as I strive to participant in the B'Sue Boutiques:Build a Line Challenge. Wooo Hooo that's right I'm just going to go for it and I 'm going to enjoy my adventure of a life time. 

You see I have watched Ms. Brenda Sue's videos for two years just wishing for the chance to learn more and then all of a sudden here is my chance!!!

So come along and join me as I put on my no shame cape, as I strut my ambition into the world of no doubt telling myself that "You can do it! You can make jewelry in sparkling golden shoes style!" and watch me grow in design humbleness for sure.

Right below this blog post you will see a beautiful vintage picture of a mighty fine lady, oh yes that classy lady is my phenomenal mom who introduced me to the world of vintage

Oh my word as long as I can remember we always found our way to a ladies jewelry swap social collecting jewels, sorting through and trying on our new finds!  So I am thrilled beyond words to return to a life of vintage jewelry fantasia, but most of all I am honored to be amongst a group of artist who I admired for all that they do at the fun and dynamic B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group.